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The Big 60D Upgrade: Time to Go Mirrorless?

September 2020 will mark nine years since I bought my trusty Canon 60D, the first and only DSLR I have owned and the camera that has traveled everywhere with me and taken around 115,000 photos. This milestone has made me start wondering if it’s time for a replacement. This camera is not holding me back […]

Micrathena Spiders

Known as spiny orb-weavers, there are 119 species in the Micrathena genus, of which only 4 are found in the United States – the spined micrathena, arrow-shaped micrathena, and white micrathena. All are common in woodland areas in the eastern portion of the country (the fourth, Micrathena funebris, is found only in the southern US […]


I was out shooting at sunrise the other morning and things were cool and covered with dew. Along a path through a grassy open area, I spotted a praying mantis. This was the first adult mantis I had seen this year so I was excited to get some photos of it. I have always been […]

The blog begins!

I’ll be starting a blog on this website to share what is going on with my photography. This is where all the behind-the-scenes stories will be told, since clicking through the galleries does not give any interesting details on how a specific photo came to be. We’ll start with some quick updates – all my […]

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