The blog begins!

I’ll be starting a blog on this website to share what is going on with my photography. This is where all the behind-the-scenes stories will be told, since clicking through the galleries does not give any interesting details on how a specific photo came to be.

We’ll start with some quick updates – all my macro photos from 2019 were shot with the Laowa 25mm 2.5x-5x ultra macro lens. Earlier this spring, I replaced that with the Laowa 60mm 2x ultra macro lens and I have been very happy with it. I will be posting more detailed thoughts on the two lenses in the future. Insects and spiders are now very abundant and there has been no shortage of subjects:

Weevil on daisy fleabane
Walking stick
Lace bug

The above photos were all taken on the same day. The weevil and lace bug are focus stacked images and the walking stick is a single shot.

In upcoming posts, I plan to share things such as: photos and how they were made, techniques and tutorials, gear reviews, and anything else photography-related that seems at least mildly interesting!

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